Monday, June 07, 2010

Make a List!

This year I’ve decided to make a summertime bucket list and I think that you should join me. All you need to do is think up ten things you would like to accomplish before summer’s end. There are only two rules: don’t write down something you are already going to do. For example, I’m already going to NYC, so I can’t include that in my list. Second, every time you do something on your list, document it. Take a picture and tell us about it! Finally finish knitting your first pair of sweater pants? I want to know!

Here’s my list:

• Go canoeing
• Take a hot air balloon ride (I've always wanted to do this!!)
• Write thank-you notes
• Cook a feast for my Grandparents
• Make a new friend
• Ride bikes with Dad
• Do a cannon ball
• Buy coffee for someone
• Finish the quilt I’m making with Mom
• Go geocaching

What's on your list?


Joel said...

I've got my list of "impossible things" i'm working on here: Right now I'm training for a couple triathlons.

p.s. Got here via Don's RT. He was part of my inspiration too =)

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Hi Lindsay,
Saw the RT from Don Miller - love that book also. I've made some changes in my life since reading that. My life is my story and I intend to write a good one :)

As for a summer bucket list - love that idea. Will post some here and will probably do a blog post on the first day of summer on my blog with a complete list.
This summer I want to ...

- Send b-day card to sisters
- Organize my office
- Read 10 books
- Spend time 'being still' outdoors
- Run, bike or hike every other day

Thanks again for the challenge!

STEPHANIE. said...

i like this...I might start making mine. I like to challenge myself.

~CW~ said...

Also saw the RT from Don.
I liked it so much I've decided to help spread the word with my humble blog.

Summer bucket lists for everyone!



rachel said...

Hello! I followed the RT from Don aswell...just to be different ;)
Think this is a great idea! I'm going to post my list later today once I've thought about it a little more. Great idea! Good luck completing your goals! xxx

Jason said...

I read this book a few months back too and was seriously challenged.

Anyway, reading your list (which I must say is very reasonable) has made me think maybe I should write one too!

Roy said...

Be a better Dad and Husband tomorrow than I was a better Dad and Husband two days from now than I'm to be tomorrow...and so on and so on.

-Roy Niswanger

toliveinspired said...

I love lists! I have my summer bucket list now and it does not duplicate any of my other lists, I don't think!

-See a sunset
-Go on a picnic
-Throw a bbq
-Go to farmers market at least 1x or more a month
-Go to somewhere i have never been to eat and eat outside enjoying the area
-there is a place downtown from where I live that has a new yogurt place, I want to go there
-Go to the ceramics place that is near me and paint and or build something or both
-Finish at least 2 full books, The Necklace and Tales of a Female Nomad

Thanks for the inspiration of adding a summer list to my love of lists!

Nathan O. said...

I love the list of summer challenges. If there is any way that I can help make a few happen for/with ya, you let me know.

I've been doing an annual bucket list, a tradition I started 2 years ago. I LOVE the accountability of it.